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The Super 60’s Band (7-10pm)

September 6, 2019
Southern Appalachian Brewery
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822 Locust St., Ste 100, Hendersonville, United States, 28792

The Super 60s…. A musical retrospective of one of Americas most turbulent periods. The joy and celebration of Woodstock, the enigma of Vietnam, the tragic loss of the Kennedys, and man landing on the moon. A period of time in which so much was happening, so fast, that those of us who lived through it sometimes wonder how we made it.
But we did– and heres proof…. music that will bring back the feeling and memories of those days.

The Super 60s is a unique presentation in that we strive to re-create the atmosphere of the 60’s thru not only the music, but through audio and visual techniques that were revalent in that period.


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