Southern Appalachian Beers

Since we brew the beer about 30′ from where we serve it, we usually have all of these on draft. If we happen to be out of one of the beers when you come in, please forgive us.



German Pilsen malt and a generous amount of Saaz hops give this lager a great spicy aroma followed by a pure, smooth malty taste.  A crisp, delightfully balanced finish makes this Bohemian style beer the perfect treat after a morning of pitching hot tar on a jailhouse rooftop.  6.0% ABV



Belgian Blonde Ale

This golden-blonde Belgian style ale uses a traditional yeast strain which gives a gentle citrusy flavor and fruity aroma.  Saaz hops and light spices balance the sweetness from the Pilsen malt and provide an earthy taste.  A refreshing ale with a crisp, dry finish. 6.5% ABV

Belgian artisanal

Belgian Artisanal Amber

Pilsen malt and seven special varieties lend this amber a complex malty aroma and a slightly tart caramel taste with hints of bitter fruit.  The Belgian yeast gives a distinct spicy character with hints of banana and pineapple. 6.5% ABV


Wild Belgian Amber

Our Belgian Artisanal Amber keg conditioned with wild Belgian Yeast.  6.5% ABV


Copperhead Amber Ale

The Copperhead Amber Ale is a crisp, medium bodied ale witha deep copper color and a rich, caramel, malty sweetness, balanced with a light floral hops flavor. 5.5% ABV


Belgian I.P.A

This Belgian style India Pale Ale uses German Pilsen malt for a lovely biscuit and malty flavor. The German noble hops and Czach Saaz add a deep mellow hoppy flavor and some earthy spice while the Amarillo at the end of the boil imparts a distinct citrus note. 7.0% ABV

India Pale Ale

Our IPA utilizes 3 varieties of hops throughout the 90 minute boil and 5 in the fermenter to dry hop. Even at 95 IBU’s the hops flavor is well-balanced from nose to finish. 7.0% ABV


Black Bear Stout

Black Bear Stout is a robust, full-bodied beer with a rich roasted malt flavor and hints of dark chocolate and coffee. 5.5% ABV